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Gor‫-‬Mette is a fashion‫-‬jewelry brand owned and designed by Israeli designer Itay Lapid‫,‬ fashion graduate in the Avni Institute of Art‫.‬ Itay's designs are in the glam‫-‬rock style‫,‬ combining local and international trends in order to create unique and up‫-‬to‫-‬date pieces‫.‬
Gor‫-‬Mette‫'‬s designs are made of top quality materials and are fully hand‫-‬made‫,‬ combining materials such as recycled Italian leather‫,‬ metals plated with 24K gold or 925 sterling silver‫,‬ pearls etc‫.‬

Our pieces will give you an upgraded look with its glam‫-‬rock chic‫,‬ and will fit any look you choose- wether casual or evening‫.‬ Our designs are inspired by the colorful street‫-‬wear of the 80‫'‬s‫,‬ but with the trendy twist of the current fashion‫.‬
In addition to the Israeli magazines which honor our unique pieces quite often ‫,‬Itay Lapid‫'‬s very own designs have been celebrated in the Italian version of Vogue online magazine‫.‬

Our one‫-‬of‫-‬a‫-‬kind pieces are the perfect accessory for the ones who always seek for a special‫,‬ edgy yet wearable‫,‬ trendy yet timeless fashion‫.‬

And now, enough with the official stuff! Wanna get to know Itay better? Go and check out his Instagram- ItayLapidOfficial !

His profile and Insta-Stories will have you laughing out loud!

For any questions, don't hesitate to contact us !

Email at ItayLapidFashion@gmail.com !


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